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Our List of Investigation Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance investigation services is usually conducted by someone with great skills in observing from a distance by means of electronic equipment or low-technology methods such as human intelligence.

The advantage of surveillance is being able to observe your subject's lifestyle and pretty much anything and everything about that person. Our private eyes will personally gather information by using technologically advanced equipment and complex Beverly Hills surveillance procedures.

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity is generalized by a violation of sexual exclusivity or may even go beyond what happens in the bedroom. Our investigators are highly trained in dealing with such investigations. At the end of the day, we will come to a conclusion if your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, adulterous or committing infidelity and such affirmation are always supported with hard evidence.

An investigative report with photo and/or video documentation of that unfaithful someone caught in the act will be presented to you upon request.

Missing Persons / Skip Tracing

People disappear for many reasons, whether it be abduction, running away from home, or even an elderly person with Alzheimer's. With the help of our private investigators, you can now trace that missing person. We'll use any means necessary to locate whoever you are looking for. We specialize in proving skip tracing services in Beverly Hills

Find Person's Current Employer

A skip trace record search throughout the country will be performed to present you with that person's location of employment. A search of this type is more than sufficient for finding witnesses, defendants, missing persons, child support collections and to find asset searches just to name a few.

Data Base Record Search

Databases are an organized collection of data used for one or many purposes which are made available to the public to attain information from just about anything to anyone. But do you really want to spend your time going through every single available online database especially when most require payments? Give us what we need and we'll do the rest for you.

Undercover Operations

Undercover operations/investigations usually require disguising one's identity in order to obtain confidential information. It can also be used to gain a suspect's trust in order to gain evidence. Contact our detectives with your specific request or assignment so we can accommodate your special needs.

Child Custody and Recovery

Child custody pertains to the legal terms of a relationship between a child and parent. Let our highly professional child custody private detectives handle your case. We can follow your ex or spouse to guarantee the safety of your child. Video documentation and reports are readily available upon request. Our investigators can also take the stand to testify in court.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Background checks or investigations are done in order determine if a person has prior criminal, financial or commercial records that may affect the outcome of further employment. Screening applicants to verify their real history in order to determine any discrepancies can be an important key to paving the way to your success. All we need is a pre-employment release form.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention services prevent or decrease the amount of inventory or cash loss at a certain retail trade. Our undercover agents will observe your employees and verify whether or not there is theft, inappropriateness – even drug and/or alcohol abuse within the establishment. These highly qualified agents can place CCTV cameras in order to catch the culprits in action. The private eyes can testify to any findings in any court proceedings.

Attorney Services

The most significant component that an attorney requires within the courtroom is crucial evidence that can make or break the case at hand. Call us now to know what general attorney services we can provide for you or your firm.

Tenant Screening

With the advanced technology we have available, we can get a hold of almost any pertinent information on anyone. Don't let a complete stranger into your home or establishment. Learn more about them before it's too late.

Recorded or Sworn Statements

Sworn statements are recorded from the subject in order to distinguish the person's background, past history, daily routines, lifestyle, etc., and can be used as evidence significant to the case. We can also get such information from over the phone.

Victim Assistance

Are you left hanging after being a victim of a vicious crime? Do you want to get over what happened and find out everything you have to? Being a victim alone is horrible as it is, but not getting the justice that you deserve makes it even more painstakingly unbearable.

Let us help you go about your daily life again without having to keep looking over your shoulders. Our team of investigators will provide you with all the information you need. We'll even go beyond that and do what should have been done in the first place.

Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

Every parent wants nothing but the safety and well-being of their children. Leaving them at home with a nanny does not have to be stressful anymore. Our investigators can quickly install hidden cameras inside your home so you'll know what goes on while you're away. Such devices are primarily used for the protection of your home from vandalism to burglars. With the use of this service, you can keep your home and nanny in check all day, every day.

Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinations, or in layman's terms, "lie detector tests," measure physiological changes in the body such as blood pressure and respiration. This will allow the investigators to differentiate between deceiving answers and the truth. Polygraph services can be availed by law enforcement agencies to small businesses.

Service of Process

Private Investigator of Beverly Hills offers you the best, inexpensive service without delay. Our office supplies quick and proficient service in your city and worldwide. The service of process our agency provides is guaranteed with immediate results through infinite attempts without being charged cost of mileage with the given address of the appropriate client.

Electronic Countermeasures

Electronic countermeasures (or "ECM") deal with the prevention of eavesdropping from unknown persons by detecting their hidden wiretaps and bugs. Our investigators can detect these devices within your home or office and debug phone lines using technologically advanced equipment.

Dead Beat Dads/Moms

Our private eyes will track down those deadbeat mothers or fathers trying to get away from paying child support. Allow us to help you expedite the particulars in your case in order to collect those missing child support payments.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud is described as any action taken to gain profit or advantage to which they are not entitled to through fraudulent means. Our private eyes can focus on investigating worker's compensation, liability claims and the like. We usually carry out neighborhood investigations and activity checks by way of surveillance in order to obtain trial evidence and documentation.

Accident Scene Investigations

Accidents are unforeseen mishaps that happen to the best of us. If you have been in an accident, whether it be a vehicular collision or an obscene shooting, call Private Investigator of Beverly Hills so we can personally handle your case. We'll do everything from the photographs to the interviews. With the help of our investigators and detectives we will cover every detail of the accident.

Background Investigations / Criminal Records

Want to know of someone's yesteryears? All you have to do is pick up the phone and let us know who we need to do a background check service on. We'll provide you anything and everything we can dig up on that person. Why rely on words when you can have everything on paper?